© Calabash Green 2012 Powered BY: Ecube Technologies Limited At Calabash Green we are committed to providing our guests with clean, comfortable accommodation  and high standards of service. These are things we never compromise on. Calabash Green is for the traveller who seeks independence, peace and quiet in the atmosphere  of a modern apartment in Accra without the hustle and bustle. Our rooms are well-furnished, cosy and spacious with all amenities to make your stay in Ghana as pleasant and as comfortable as if you were in your own home. Our apartments have kitchenettes ideal for our self-catering guests though meals are provided on request. Our studio apartments are available for both long and short-term stays and are competitively priced. Our Name: The calabash tree in African history has provided fruits which have been of tremendous use in making musical instruments and vessels for holding our food and drink. These social activities the calabash has sustained, have served to bring people together. The colour of the gourds we associate with the longevity, beauty and serenity of nature. We strive to make these meanings manifest in our service to you. Come. Experience true hospitality at Calabash Green!  We have a real calabash tree (crescentia cujete) prominently located on our luxuriant grounds.During your stay or visit you could steal a glance at the green, basketball-sized calabash fruits or gourds.  Perhaps during your stay it may just sprout one or two more! About Us Executive Apartments